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Excuse me, Miss, what's a Bunfight ....?

Bunfights, best described as ceilidhs-with-spots, are an important part of Berkshire Bedlam tradition. If you're interested in how the Bunfights first came about, click here to read Stuart Barry's account of the first few such events.......

Nowadays the Bunfight is an annual event which is always great fun for everyone attending, young or old - and great to see such a wide range of ages in recent years. It is usually held on a Saturday in late November, traditionally at the California Ratepayers Hall, Finchampstead, (click here for map) with its main feature a ceilidh, always with an excellent band. Each year there is a different overall theme which people are welcome to dress in line with, but this is entirely optional. As well as various other entertainments, BB usually perform a couple of spots during the evening, the second of which is a showpiece non-Morris spot that has nothing to do with the evening's theme and everything to do with the most bizarre idea they have come up with since the last bizarre idea. The challenge is always to get down to the standard of previous years and amazingly they often succeed.

Lowlights over the years have included Flashdance, Schwarzkopf, YMCA, the famous Cockneys, Berkshire Bumfolosi, The Swans, The Men In Various Things including Black, Black and White, Tights, Coloured Ties, and Bags; The Can-Can, Flamencos, A Chorus Line, Bolshoi Bedlam, Keystone Cops, the All Star Cheerleaders, the Smurfs, the Charleston Champions, Austin Powers, A Hard Day's Bunfight, the Wellerman, and literally the lowest of all the spots : the legendary 'Stumpton', a spot still talked of in revered tones today, mainly due to the leapfrogs, or more accurately stumpfrogs. Covid led to the cancellation of the 2020 Bunfight and a much restricted evening in 2021, but the Bunfight is now back to its weird and wonderful best, most recently in 2023 with the Diatonics again providing the music for a great Science Fiction themed evening.  Nick Walden was back as caller, and all the usual Bunfight entertainments were in place including a fabulous Star Wars themed Charleston dance.

What will 2024's Bunfight bring? - don't miss out! Sat 23rd November 2024, once more at the California Ratepayers Hall and featuring again the fabulous Diatonics, watch out for tickets!...

Meanwhile to whet your appetite here's a list of past Bunfight themes, spots, and souvenir photos .... 

2023   -   Band - Diatonics  Theme - Science Fiction   Main spot - Star Wars Charleston




see larger versions of all these 2023 pictures here!

2022   -   Band - Diatonics  Theme - Bunfight - Here We Go Again! - celebrating Abba and all things Swedish!   Main spot - The Wellerman

see larger versions of all these 2022 pictures here!

2021  -  Bunfight party, no band  Theme - Monty Python's Flying Bunfight!


see larger versions of all these 2021 pictures here!

2020   -   No Bunfight! (but only a global pandemic could stop it...)

2019   -   Band - Diatonics  Theme - Bunfight on Broadway!   Main spot - A Chorus Line


see larger versions of all these 2019 pictures here!

2018   -   Band - Diatonics  Theme - On the Piste - an Alpine Adventure!   Main spot - Los Flamencos de Berkshire





see larger versions of all these 2018 pictures here!

2017   -   Band - Diatonics  Theme - A Hard Day's Bunfight!   Main spot - Putting on the Ritz




see larger versions of all these 2017 pictures here!

2016   -   Band - Panjandrum  Theme - Living La Vida Bunfight   Main spot - Men in Bags


see larger versions of all these 2016 pictures here!

2015   -   Band - Steamchicken  Theme - Bunfight on the High Seas   Main spot - Austin Powers

 see larger versions of all these 2015 pictures here! 

2014   -   Band - Steamchicken  Theme - Comics   Main spot - Men in Coloured Ties


see larger versions of all these 2014 pictures here! 

2013   -   Band - Tickled Pink  Theme - Scotland   Main spot - Black and White Dance


see larger versions of all these 2013 pictures here!   

2012   -   Band - Tickled Pink  Theme - Down on the Farm   Main spot - Men in Black - Gangnam Style



2011   -   Band - Tickled Pink  Theme - France   Main spot - Charleston Champions



2010   -   Band - Committee Band  Theme - Space   Main spot - Belgian Blue Boys a.k.a. The Smurfs




2009   -   Band - Committee Band  Theme - Circus   Main spot - BB All Stars Cheerleaders


2008   -   Band - Random  Theme - Myths and Legends   Main spot - Men in Tights



2007   -   Band - Random  Theme - Heroes and Villains   Main spot - Keystone Kops


2006   -   Band - Phungus  Theme - Carry On At The Bunfight   Main spot - Bolshoi Bedlam



2005   -   Band - Phungus  Theme - Bunfight at the OK Corral   Main spot - The Can-Can


2004   -   Band - Phungus  Theme - Schooldays   Main spot - Men in Black


2003   -   Band - Phungus  Theme - A Day at the Races   Main spot - 'Flame' sword dance

Sadly no pictures survive of this epic evening, but rest assured it was good!

2002    -   Band - Phungus  Theme - The Underground     Main spot - 633 Squadron

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2001    -   Band - Phungus  Theme - Mysteries of the East     Main spot - Flashdance


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2000    -   Band - Phungus  Theme - Australia     Main spot - Jake the Peg

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1999   -   Theme - Fin de Siecle   Main spot - Berkshire Bumfolosi

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1998   -   Theme - Latin   Main spot - Los Bastidos Morosos

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1997   -   Theme - A Day at the Seaside   Main spot - The Swans a.k.a. Duck Pond

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1996   -   Theme - Hammer House of Horror   Main spot - Gilbert and Sullivan

96bun1.JPG (21385 bytes)

1995   -   Theme - Pantomime   Main spot - Y.M.C.A.

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1994   -   Theme - Old London Town   Main spot - The Cockney Dance

94bun1.JPG (22415 bytes)

1993   -   Theme - Children's storybook characters   Main spot - The Boxes


1992   -   Theme - Europe   Main spot - Schwarzkopf

1991   -   Theme - Rolf Harris   Main spot - Stilts / Paint Pots

1990   -   Theme - Battle of Britain   Main spot - Stumpton

1989   -   Theme - Revolution   Main spot - Aristocrats v Peasants


1988   -   Theme - Bad Taste   Main spot - Blindfold Dance


1987   -   Theme - Opposite Gender   Main spot - Albemarle's Hop


1986   -   Theme -    Main spot - Punch and Judy


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